Small Town Candle Company

My name is Daniel.  I am a medically retired Marine Raider.  I worked in Special Operations most of my career.  My wife Satsuki and I put the same attention to detail into our product that I did while I was serving our country. 

My wife and I decided to make candles because of our healthy lifestyle and love of amazing smells in our house.

We have a great love for people and love to see them healthy and happy!


We use Goldenwax brand soy wax with is produced from Soybeans that are grown in the United States.

Our scents are as clean as they come.  

100% phthalate-free.  There is no need to worry about any health issues from our candles.  Our goal is to add peace and amazing smell to your house in the safest and healthiest way we can.    


We started our business in 2020 as a hobby and found that it was a hobby we enjoyed as a couple.  


Our neighbors, friends, and family also fell in love with our candles!  


At POTTS CO. we bring a high quality Candle Store to the Jacksonville North Carolina area. Our passion for a strong smelling super clean candle poured with love drove us from the beginning and continues to drive us today. To find out more, take a look at our website, visit our store, and send us a message! We look taking care of all your candle needs.