No.12 Barber Shop

No.12 Barber Shop

SKU: 012

8oz all natural scented soy candle.


Derived from tree sap, frankincense and myrrh are fragrant resins highly valued for incense and perfumes. Our Barber Shop candle captures the essence of these enduring scents used for millennia. Hints of citrusy bergamot and amber open up to a heart of resinous myrrh and frankincense. The wood and incense notes are softened by powder and oud in the base. 


This candle is infused with natural essential oils, including coriander seed, cumin, lemon, orange, patchouli, and olibanum.


"This has gotta be my favorite scent in our collection.  I love frankincense and myrrh and the name Barber Shop became the label because thats EXACTLY what it smells like.  Guys do, and will love this one." - Danny


Our natural soy candles are hand crafted in our love-filled kitchen.